Import direct & save with Savii Sourcing -
We can save you thousands on your next building, renovation or fit-out project by helping you to source direct from the manufacturers. Source direct from China.
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Helping businesses, investors and families around Australia save TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on sourcing direct.  With Savii Sourcing, we can find THE BEST manufacturer or product for your needs.  Whether it’s a private label product, an original design or just a container of bathroom tiles, we  take the headaches out of overseas sourcing.

We have over 15 years experience in overseas sourcing.  Let us show you how to cut out the middlemen and source top quality products,  direct from quality inspected manufacturers – saving you from 20 – 70% on everything you need for your business or project.

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We find THE BEST manufacturers and products to fit our client’s needs.  We specialise in sourcing from China and Indonesia.  A simple process, with quality controls, compliance checks, and prices that will save you thousands.  We can even manage the whole shipping process – leaving you time to concentrate on growing your business.  Find out how.

Top quality products

Halve the cost of your project

Cut out the middleman

Source direct

Save 20-70%

Big savings on top quality products

Ship Direct

Ship direct from the factory.  Peace of mind with extensive quality checks

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How do we do it?

We scour the market to find the right manufacturer or products to meet our clients’ requirements.  We review client requirements against manufacturers we already know AND search for alternatives.  Once we’ve found a number of options, we review each one – MOQs, quality, compliance checks, communication, Aust/NZ standards, certifications, and more.  Once we’ve shortlisted the top choices, we send you the details, allowing you to review our top suggestions.  We ensure our clients are 100% happy with their chosen manufacturer, arrange samples, help finalise the order and then oversee manufacturing and container packing.  Before shipping, we conduct quality compliance checks to make sure there are no nasty surprises when you open your container.

We provide the ‘know how’ and experience to enable you to safely and efficiently source quality products at a fraction of the price. In other words, we cut out the middlemen! Read more

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What can I source?

Anything and everything is available through our service. From packaging, e-commerce products, stock products, private label, OEM & ODM, industrial products to manufacturing lines.   Our clients have sourced OEM whitegoods, building materials (tiles, composite decking, bathroom goods, cabinetry and more), retail products, clothing, shoes, variety goods, bottling lines, packaging, furniture, and more.  Read more

What can I save?

You can save between 20- 70% on top quality products (sometimes more!)
Savings will depend on the item and the quantities – the more you buy, the bigger the savings.  However, our clients have saved substantial amounts when buying small quantities of mixed goods too.  Any reduction to your bottom line helps you to be more competitive – so for a little upfront cost, you can reap the ongoing benefits. Read more

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