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China’s Quality Revolution

China’s Quality Revolution

Despite China having undergone a manufacturing quality revolution, there are still some people who think that ‘Made in China’ equates to ‘Poor Quality’. This is simply not true. Indeed, in some industries, China is actually leading the world, ‘doing quality’ better than tried and trusted quality leaders – Japan and the United States. And Chinese quality is only set to get even better with President Xi mandating that quality must be further finessed for not just its export markets but it’s incredibly vast and increasingly sophisticated domestic market as well.

Still not convinced about Chinese quality? Top brands from every industry, including the building industry, now have factories in China – brands such as Blum, Prada, Burberry, Bosch and Smeg. If premium multinational brands have faith in the quality capacity of China then it’s about time the rest of us did too.

Take a look at our ‘Resources’ posts for some of the many online resources that attest to the quality of Chinese manufacturing. It’s interesting to note that several of these have been produced by American quality experts!

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