How it works - SaviiSourcing
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How it works

An unbiased process to find THE BEST manufacturer to suit your needs.

We are fully transparent in how we operate.  We don’t accept commission, kick backs or even brown paper bags under the table…….We don’t charge 2% commission, then inflate the price from the factory (to make it 15%)…..We work FOR YOU…. We find the best fit for your needs – we negotiate on your behalf (without affecting quality and service).


The more successful our clients are – the better we do – we have a long term focus based on strong relationships with our clients and the manufacturers that supply them.


Below is a summary of the Savii Sourcing process.  A much more detailed and step-by-step version, including specific time frames, useful tips and additional resources to enable you to streamline the process further and save even more, is sent to you once we start on your project.



  • Discuss your needs – usually we start with a quick phone call to determine if we can assist
  • We send a proposal with an outline of our fees
  • Fill in our Product Requirements Questionnaire
  • Start the search
  • Chat & regular updates
  • Compliance checks, factory visits, fact finding
  • Short list of options provided to you – yes, we tell you the name and details of the manufacturers
  • Samples, product details, finetuning
  • Order – you order direct with the manufacturer (there will usually be a 30% deposit due on order)
    • Note: orders need to sent via Savii Sourcing to the manufacturer, to ensure we are aware of the order, to ensure we can conduct quality control checks, liaise with factory re: production times and essentially do everything to ensure a smooth process and keep you in the loop along the way).
  • We conduct quality checks prior to shipping
  • Ship to you (we can arrange freight or use your preferred option)
  • Customs clearance (we can recommend options)
  • Enjoy your savings!