How we help - SaviiSourcing
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How we help



How do we do it?


We do all the hard work – finding clients the BEST manufacturer or products for their needs.  We find out what you need and search for the best match, using a number of criteria.  We then present you with the top options – giving clients a choice of who they want to work with or source from.   We DON’T add commissions, we don’t resell, we just use our experience and knowledge to make your life easier – enabling you to save by sourcing direct.


What do clients buy?


Anything and everything is available through our service. From packaging, e-commerce products, stock products, private label, OEM & ODM, industrial products to actual manufacturing lines.   Our clients have sourced OEM whitegoods, building materials (tiles, composite decking, bathroom goods, cabinetry and more), retail products, clothing, shoes, variety goods, bottling lines, packaging, furniture, and more


Quality you deserve at a massive discount


Worried about Chinese quality?  Products of any quality from ‘extremely bad’ to ‘excellent’ are made in China.  It’s not a question of “Can I buy quality products for my project in China?’ but “Which of the many manufacturers out there can provide the quality I need”


Reducing client costs – growing businesses


We help to cut out the ‘trading company’ middlemen (many of whom you’ll find on Alibaba).  By dealing direct with the manufacturers, not only can we control quality  but by reducing the cost of goods to our clients, we help our clients grow their business (increase their margins or decrease their costs)

Why spend $155,000 on a container of  tiles when you can spend $15,000?