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Smart & cost effective sourcing – spend a little to save a LOT

We like to keep our pricing simple.  Easy for you and for us.


We will help you save 20% – 70%.  You will save thousands of dollars, potentially even TENS of thousands of dollars if you’re purchasing regularly.


Our pricing is simple and transparent – we DON’T take commissions from factories or re-sell to you with markups.

We charge:

  • Purchasing Fee: 10% of cost of goods purchased

For specialised manufacturing projects and upfront fee covers all of the research into suitable manufacturers to meet your requirements.  Once we understand your project, we will advise a fee proposal.  After you start purchasing, we charge a flat 10% (capped) to cover ongoing servicing – factory liaison, quality checks, follow ups, order assistance etc.

The first thing is to give us a call so we can discuss your requirements – we’ll then assess your needs and get back to you with a fee proposal.

* There are sometimes some additional costs, pending the complexity of your requirements i.e. additional travel costs for factory inspections. We are always upfront  about these and will discuss with you prior to any expenditure (charged at cost only)



You order $45,000 worth of goods through a manufacturer found by Savii Sourcing which would normally cost you $100,000 if you purchased goods through a wholesaler or trading company.

We charge you $4,500 (i.e., 10% of $45,000), plus any upfront search costs (for complex manufacturing projects)

Congratulations.  You’ve just saved yourself  $51,500!

Even when you factor in shipping and freight you will still have saved over $45,000!

Order products ex-wholesaler


Order products ex-Savii Sourcing


SAVE (after costs, GST & freight) 


Pricing Terms & Conditions

Note: All prices in China & Indonesia are quoted in USD – so your quotes and invoices from factories will also be in USD.  

You will need to factor in costs for Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding.  The fee will vary from client to client based on several factors such as value of goods ordered, which port you use, and how far you live from the port.  We will connect you with our recommended agents who will be able to provide you with a quote as well as lots of help clearing customs and getting your goods delivered.  Payment for customs clearance and freight forwarding will be made direct to the agent of your choice.

Insurance – depending upon the type of insurance you choose, you may need to pay insurance costs directly.  There is information on insurance options in the Client Information Pack.