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Savii Sourcing – where quality doesn’t cost the earth.

At Savii Sourcing we’re all about quality.  Quality products and quality service.


The Savii Sourcing team has implemented a range of ‘checks and balances’ to maximise the quality of products available to you.


  • Many of our suppliers have an existing relationship with us – that is, we’ve worked with them before. New suppliers need to pass our stringent quality checks.
  • Our team has visited and toured 100’s of manufacturers, factories and warehouses – we know what to look for and what ‘not to be influenced by’ (the slick showroom hiding a shambles on the factory floor).
  • We check the standards touted are actually true – we don’t just check certificates, we do everything we can to check that the certificates and standards compliance documents are legitimate.
  • Company Certification has been authenticated (e.g., Business Registration Certificates, ISOS Certificates).
  • Samples are readily available.

We are also able to provide you with a fully escorted and no obligation ‘buyer’s tour’ so that you can visit any manufacturer and see firsthand for yourself where the products come from.  You will get to ‘touch and feel’ the quality of whatever it is you wish to purchase. This service is particularly valued by repeat buyers as it is a great way to build on the relationship between client and manufacturer – something that is really important in China.

China has undergone a manufacturing quality revolution and as a result many top quality global brands now have their manufacturing hubs in China.  Indonesia is known for quality furniture, homewares, building products and textiles (furnishings and clothes).

It is therefore no wonder that most of the building products, hardware and furniture you now buy in Australia are in fact made in China.  From glass pool fencing to kitchen cabinetry and from engineered wooden flooring to sink mixers.  So, why pay top dollar to a trading company or middle man, when you can take control, buy direct and save thousands?

With smaller MOQs than China, we often find that Indonesia can provide a solution that can’t be found in China.


* Despite the checks and balances Savii Sourcing has implemented, there is always a risk involved when buying any product from overseas. We recommend that you are fully conversant with your Country’s Standards that apply to the products you want to source and request samples to do your own additional quality checks where possible.