Supplier Visits - SaviiSourcing
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Supplier Visits

Buying from overseas can seem a bit scary or risky – we get it.


There are a ton of horror stories out there when businesses try to ‘go it alone’.


If you’d like to travel to China to visit your shortlisted factory, we can make it happen.  Upon arrival you will be escorted by one of our Savii Sourcing China team members and get to see firsthand where your products come from.  It offers you the chance to confirm all of our quality checks and give you peace of mind.


Building effective relationships with your supplier is critical for the long-term success of your business.  When you find a good one, give your best possible effort on building a good relationship just like you want to build a strong relationship with your clients and customers.  Of course, if you can’t travel in person – this is were our Overseas Teams come in – by building that relationship for you (but, in our experience, if you are serious about long term sourcing – try to schedule at least one in-person visit).


An investment of a few days of your time, an airfare, accommodation, and our staff’s travel expenses is a small price to pay to build a great supplier relationship.